A diverse and well-integrated municipality is key for a successful community. Diversity comes in many shapes and forms. 

We want to build a community for all. A community that is diverse, where newcomers, both new and old, foreign and Faroese, will feel welcome and included. A community where everyone is seen, heard and respected.

We want to ensure good integration, where all newcomers have full access to social and education services that can help everyone feel that they belong and have the possibility to become an active member of the community.  

We want to ensure that there always are available building grounds for housing, green urban development, diverse opportunities for business, a vibrant cultural scene, quality day-care and kindergartens, modern sport and recreation facilities, safe and efficient transport.

We also want to ensure that all newcomers to our municipality get access to information and guidance on how they can get settled in the best and most convenient way. 

Newcomers should have the opportunity to show what they can offer the community.