Integration vicar

The Church of the Faroe Islands has also placed an integration vicar, Marjun Lómaklett that newcomers, their relatives and others can contact to get advice and directions but people are also welcome just to talk with Marjun about all different kinds of matters and questions that might be of immediate importance.

The Integration vicar offers:

  • Conversations with those who might need someone to talk to - about anything from being lonely, hit by a disease, fear, faith, hope, questions about doubt and other matters.
  • Talk about changes and challenges in life when you move from one place to another.
  • Guidance, conversations and advice in Spiritual matters.
  • Help and guidance at all times in life - anything regarding naming a child, baptism, conformation, weddings and loosing a beloved one - here or in the native country.
  • All conversations are in confidentiality and bound by professionalisms secrecy.
  • The conversations can be in English, Scandinavian or Faroese.

Marjun Lómaklett can be reached at +298 237345 or e-mail: